Broadway Star Jessica Vosk Slapped by Bravo Reality TV Star in Street Altercation

The 'Wicked' actress tells Bravo star Arzo Anwar to put on a mask during an encounter in New York City but the latter retaliates by slapping her in the face.

AceShowbiz - Broadway star Jessica Vosk has filed a police report against celebrity stylist Arzo Anwar following an alleged altercation in New York City.

The actress and singer, most famous for playing Elphaba in the musical "Wicked", claims she was walking her dog on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 when a woman, who wasn't wearing a face mask, got too close for comfort while running past her.

Jessica told the woman to put on a mask and alleges the woman retaliated by slapping her in the face.

The actress started filming her encounter and later tweeted a clip of the footage on Twitter, prompting fans to identify the other woman as Arzo, who appears on reality TV show "Blood, Sweat, and Heels".

"What you see is a video of someone who just hit me because I told her to wear a mask if she decides not to appropriately social distance in a densely populated city area. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - condones hitting another person. Period," Jessica tweeted to a fan.

She returned to social media on Wednesday to assure fans she had reported the incident to police.

"Thanks everyone!" she added. "Was able to go file a report today. ONWARD! It was indeed that person, and I am glad I was able to handle it."

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