The Scottish musician/producer is facing a lawsuit from an angry neightbor in Bel-Air, Los Angeles for allegedly ignoring his water leak and damaged walls.

AceShowbiz - DJ Calvin Harris' neighbour in Bel-Air, Los Angeles is suing the hitmaker for allegedly turning her driveway into a slime pit.

Julie Opperman claims the Scottish star has refused to fix a pipe fault on his property that sends a steady flow of filthy water pouring onto her land.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Opperman claims the water issue has been a problem for a year, but Harris refuses to do anything about it even though city officials have cited the DJ twice for the mess.

She also alleges her famous neighbour has failed to fix cracks in walls directly above her property, and she's terrified a part could collapse and damage her home below.

Opperman has urged the judge to force Calvin to permanently fix his rotten water leak and build a new retaining wall. She's also suing for damages for mental and emotional distress, and loss of property value.

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