Patrick Stewart Put Terrified Co-Star at Ease on First Day at Work

The Captain Jean-Luc Picard of 'Star Trek' is credited for helping ease fellow cast member Evan Evagora's nerves on the set following 'the worst first meeting ever.'

AceShowbiz - Actor Evan Evagora has credited Sir Patrick Stewart with putting him "at ease" on the set of "Star Trek: Picard" after nerves ruined his first meeting with the screen legend.

The Australian native plays Elnor, protector of Stewart's titular character, but getting to work alongside the great Brit during his very first trip to Los Angeles proved to be a little too much for Evagora to handle emotionally.

"I was kinda terrified, obviously," he recalled to The Hollywood Reporter of initially being introduced to Stewart.

"It was, like, the worst first meeting ever. On my first day of filming, I felt so very nervous. And Patrick, he just - he took me aside because he could tell... He just helped me feel at ease and more comfortable, just by talking to me."

And it wasn't just Evagora who got to experience the kindness and warmth of Stewart's personality as the 79 year old eagerly engaged with everyone on set.

"He really loves being in the ensemble - and not just the cast, but the entire crew," the 23 year old shared. "We're all equals and he sets that tone every day."

Evagora felt particularly lucky to witness Stewart's craft up close, and on one occasion, he became so engrossed in the 79 year old's performance, he forgot he was supposed to be acting too.

"My favourite story of working with him was - there was a day when I was sitting across from Alison Pill (who plays Dr. Agnes Jurati) and Patrick filming a scene, and those two together - I was watching them and forgetting I was even being filmed," he said.

"I just sat there, like I was an audience member, watching them. Just enjoying it."

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