'Bachelor' Alum Chad Johnson Credits 'Crazy High Sex Drive' for His Easy Transition to Porn

The Oklahoma native reveals that he and his on-and-off girlfriend Annalise Mishler are set to post a sex tape because he needs money and is 'tired of basically being f***ed around by Hollywood.'

AceShowbiz - Chad Johnson made use of his "crazy high sex drive" to forge a new career path. Having made a name for himself because of his domestic violence arrest, the season 12 contestant of "The Bachelorette" dropped another shocking bombshell by admitting that he wanted to move to Las Vegas and build his own "porn palace."

Speaking to Daily Mail, the 32-year-old opened up about how easy it was for him to transition into a porn star. "I've always had a really crazy high sex drive so it's been pretty easy for me, to be able to make money off of it is f***ing amazing," he said. "I don't regret it at all, I always knew I'd do something in this industry I just wasn't sure what."

As for now, the TV personality has made several sultry videos alongside his on-and-off girlfriend Annalise Mishler. He claimed they have earned $40,000 from 1,5000 followers on OnlyFans who paid $27 per month. "It's a lot more than I ever made from TV, I'll say that," he shared. "All in all the Bachelor shows paid me $1,800, while they made millions and still use my name."

"We've posted everything but sex, we're going to, it's just building up to it, it's a process," he said of his new career. "We're doing stuff every two or three days and putting out more stuff, getting crazy with it."

Though he has just began his career in porn, he bragged that "everything is going really well, if this keeps up and I start to really make this all work, I'm going to probably move to Vegas and just going to keep the ball rolling." He added, "Houses are so cheap in Vegas, I could get like a compound out there. I could set up a house with multiple studios in every room and then just fly people in, it would be fun."

During the interview, Chad also got candid about the reason behind his decision to do porn. "I'm tired of basically being f***ed around by Hollywood! I need money, I gotta figure out something, this is a way to take the power back," he ranted. Now that he has another way to make a living, he said "nobody can bulls*** me anymore, I create everything."

"It's been a weird, wild ride, it's definitely a change in career path," he admitted, "but at this point, I'm going all out into it, why not?" He added, "It's just so good to not have to deal with the liars of Hollywood who make stuff up and tell me they have great things happening and then six months down the line you're like, 'Whatever happened to that?' "

On how his family reacted to his new line of work, Chad claimed that his father "hasn't really said anything" while his sister "has said she's embarrassed and ashamed." In his defense, he explained, "But you know, my sister is one of the top real estate agents in Oklahoma, she's had a consistent career for a very long time."

"I'm like, okay, well I've been sitting here in LA grinding my a** off for several years," Chad recalled his response toward his sister's reaction. "I'm finally doing something that's making me money and making me happy, maybe you can take that three minutes of shame that you're feeling and f**k off with it."

However, Chad thought that his late mother Peggy, who died from cancer, would be "proud." He confided, "Everyone's like, 'What would your mom think about you doing OnlyFans?' She probably wouldn't give a sh**, my mom was pretty cool."

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