Sophie Turner Practices Makeup Skills on Joe Jonas Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Sharing two photos of her singer husband sporting electric neon pink and lilac eyeshadow, the 'Game of Thrones' actress informs fans that he finally allowed her to do his makeup.

AceShowbiz - Sophie Turner has spruced up her husband Joe Jonas with a striking eyeshadow look after giving him a COVID-19 lockdown makeover.

The "Game of Thrones" actress revealed the singer "finally" allowed her to practise her makeup skills on him as they self-isolate at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing profile photos of Joe sporting electric neon pink and lilac eyeshadow, Sophie wrote on her Instagram Stories timeline, "He finally let me do his makeup," captioning a second picture, "That highlight", as she admired her colourful work.

Sophie and Joe, who wed last year (19), have been posting videos and engaging with fans often during their coronavirus self-isolation on Instagram Live, with the actress revealing recently she has learned new weird things about her husband since they've been on lockdown.

During a recent interview with Conan O'Brien, Sophie noted her man's fashion sense is completely warped during the pandemic.

"I mean, this is something that's only kind of come to my attention since this quarantine (sic) thing, but I saw ... it was like a meme online or some comment or something and someone said, like, 'If you're wearing denim pants at home, like, what does that say about you as a person?'" she shared. "Like, are you a psychopath? And Joe does that. Joe wears denim trousers at home - where no one can see him."

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