Jennifer Aniston Credits COVID-19 Closet Clean-Out for Helping Her Find First-Ever Audition Tape

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his at-home chat show, 'The Morning Show' actress reveals it was her attempt to land a role on her father's soap opera 'Search For Tomorrow'.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Aniston has unearthed footage from her first-ever audition during a self-isolation clean-out.

The "Friends" star was tidying up her closet when she stumbled upon the tape featuring her effort to land a role on her actor dad John Aniston's former soap opera "Search For Tomorrow" when she was a teenager.

"I found a couple of treasures (during coronavirus cleaning), she told pal Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his at-home chat show. "One was a Beta Max from the old VCR days, and it was my first audition."

"I was 13 for 'Search For Tomorrow', which was a soap opera my dad was on back then. I'm dying to see it...! I thought I'd lost it forever, but I was sort of cleaning out... old boxes. I'll get it transferred (to DVD)."

The 51-year-old also revealed she went against her dad's wishes to try out for the role of troubled teenager Rebecca 'T.R.' Kendall.

"I did not get the part, if I remember correctly," she recalled. "Jane Krakowski got the part."

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