Kash Doll Leaves Fans Puzzled With Baby Bump Picture

The 'Ice Me Out' raptress seemingly makes a pregnancy announcement by sharing a photo of her baring her round belly, but most of her fans are not convinced.

AceShowbiz - Is Kash Doll pregnant with her first child? The female rapper surprised her social media followers with a baby bomb on Wednesday, April 1, but her fans have been left questioning the authenticity or her claim since it's April Fool's Day.

The "For Everybody" raptress shared on both her Instagram and Twitter page a photo of her sporting an apparent baby bump. She wore nothing but a red bra and panties in the image, baring her round belly. She was squatting while holding her dog, puckering up as if she's about to kiss her furry pet.

Kash captioned the photo posted on her Instagram account, "Thank u @mr_ware91 for fixing all my photos throughout my pregnancy... it's time!" Further making it obvious, she wrote alongside the image on Twitter, "So happy i don't have to edit my pics anymore! My baby on the way."

Some of her friends and followers are happy for her, with 2 Chainz writing in the comment section, "Congrats." Many others, however, restrained themselves from congratulating the 28-year-old artist because they think it might just be an April Fool's day prank.

"April mf Fools!" one remarked. Another doubtful fan wrote, "Uhmmmmmm nope... I'll check bck tomorrow." Someone else reacted to the news, "Lmao girl stop playing."

Someone else believes this couldn't be true because "girl you was just drunk on yo birffdaayyy damn near 2 weeks ago." Another claimed, "Cap asf I just seen you yesterday."

Unamused follower wrote, "This joke getting old." Seemingly divided, someone else commented, "I'm hoping this a prank, but if not, congrats former future wife."

Another claimed that the baby bump picture was photoshopped, "Lmao prank that photo was from her xmas photo shoot. She photoshopped a belly." But another person begged to differ, pointing out that Kash also shared a sonogram picture on her Instagram Stories.

It remains to be seen if Kash is genuinely pregnant or if she was fooling around like many people have suspected.

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