Spike Lee Publicizes Script to Unproduced Jackie Robinson Biopic

To keep fans entertained during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, the 'BlacKkKlansman' filmmaker reveals that it came from a 'dream project' he had planned to make with Denzel Washington.

AceShowbiz - Spike Lee thrilled film and baseball fans alike on Sunday, March 30, by making the script to his unmade Jackie Robinson movie available online.

The director uploaded all 159 pages of his screenplay on social media to keep fans entertained during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

"Hello everyone, hope you are safe at home," Spike began a video message, explaining his "Jackie Robinson Biopic" was a "dream project" that he had planned to make with Denzel Washington in the mid-1990s, but "Denzel said he was too old" and the project fell flat.

"I pulled this script out of the vault and so I'd like to share the script with you...," Lee told fans in the video he shot at his Brooklyn, New York home. "This is a great American story. Hope you enjoy it. If you don't, that's alright too. It's never getting made, but I wanted to share this script with you. Be safe! Be safe! Social distancing! Peace."

The timing was perfect for baseball fans missing their favourite sport - the American season was scheduled to start on 26 March, but the coronavirus pandemic forced league bosses to postpone all the games. It is not clear when the baseball season will now begin.

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