Ryan Tedder Shares What Has Kept Him Sane After Two Friends Contracted Coronavirus

Speaking to Miley Cyrus on her daily Instagram Live talk show, the OneRepublic frontman reveals that he learned about the positive test result when he has just landed in LAX.

AceShowbiz - Ryan Tedder told Miley Cyrus his publicist and a close friend have tested positive for coronavirus.

The OneRepublic frontman joined "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker Miley on her daily Instagram Live talk show, "Bright Minded", on Thursday, March 26, where he revealed two people close to him tested positive for Covid-19.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter said the group was on tour when the virus gained momentum, resulting in a pandemic, as he recalled: "We couldn't get a sense of how crazy this thing was.

"And then as I'm landing in LAX, a good friend of mine who I'd spent the entire previous night with - dinner, we shared pizza, we shared food, drinks, hung out - he was in the hospital," he said. "He texted me from the hospital. He's like, 'Mate, I'm so sorry but you need to go straight to a doctor, you need to get tested. I have coronavirus and it sucks. I'm in the hospital.' "

Tedder also shared that his publicist, whom he was with all day, was also diagnosed with the virus, adding: "I called my doctor and he said, 'Go straight to your studio. Don't go home, don't see your kids, don't see your wife."

"So the first three days, I was kind of emotional because I had been away from my family for two weeks. And then on the third day, I snapped and I was like, 'You know what, screw this, let's do live concerts every night for free, let's do a cooking show. I'm going to start quarantine cuisining every night'," Ryan explained. "And I swear to God that interacting has kept my sanity. It's just making music and reaching out, just what you're doing, this is what has kept me sane."

The "Apologise" hitmaker also hinted the virus may have delayed the release of One Republic's new album, as the deadline to turn it in to their record label was this week, begs March 23.

Miley Cyrus' "Bright Minded" show airs on her Instagram page Monday to Friday at 2:30 pm ET.

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