Rob Kardashian Calls Sisters Kim and Kourtney 'Bad Girls Club' for Fighting on 'KUWTK'

Kourt also addresses the fight on her social media account as the 40-year-old Poosh founder writes on her Twitter account as if she is commenting on a boxing match.

AceShowbiz - Season 18 of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" opened with Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian having a girl fight. Following the broadcast of the Thursday, March 26 episode, everyone on the Internet, including their brother Rob Kardashian, was talking about that particular scene.

Writing on his Twitter account, Rob said, "My sisters forgot we were filming #KUWTK and thought it was bad girls club." He also added two laughing and crying emojis.

Kim also reposted Rob's tweet and left more cry-laughing emojis. She then teased her online devotees that the current season would be "a really fun, and emotional and dramatic season."

Kourt also addressed the fight on her social media account. The 40-year-old Poosh founder tweeted as if she was commenting on a boxing match, "Kourtney 'the nail digger' Kardashian weighing in at 108 pounds... Kim 'the kicker' Kardashian West weighs in at 128 pounds...."

In another post, she called the fight "trash" after a fan noted that the “fight was very cringe worthy."

Kourtney and Kim took their tension to a physical altercation after the former overheard Kim talking to Kendall Jenner about Kylie Jenner skipping fashion week in Paris, implying that she and Khloe Kardashian would never do that.

"Change the narrative in your mind. I work my f***ng a** off," Kourt told Kim. "But also even if I didn't want to work my a** off and I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, that's f***ing fine."

The two then tried to throw punch at each other with Kourtney digging her nails into Kim's arms. "Don't ever come to me like that. I swear to God I'll punch you in your face," Kim said, to which Kourt responded, "So do it."

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