Ellen Pompeo Sends Appreciation Message to Health-Care Workers Dealing With Coronavirus

Through a heartfelt post she shared on social media, the 'Grey's Anatomy' actress thanks doctors, nurses and those on the frontline of the Covid-19 outbreak.

AceShowbiz - Ellen Pompeo reached out to doctors, nurses and emergency service workers on social media to share her thanks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has wreaked havoc worldwide, with TV shows, movies and music concerts shutting down, and people stockpiling goods in the fear of a global lockdown.

While the outbreak has seen more than 145,000 cases of the illness registered, resulting in more than 5,400 deaths since it began in December (2019), hospitals continue to treat patients, and the "Grey's Anatomy" star thanked those on the frontline in a heartfelt post.

"This is my nurses and doctors and all the health-care workers appreciation post," the 50-year-old began. "Many of us have the privilege to self-quarantine and isolate and try to stay healthy, and none of you have that privilege. You all have to be on the front lines of this thing and what is certainly bad now but will most definitely get worse in the next couple of weeks."

She added: "So this is just from me and my family to all of you to say thank you. We appreciate you, we love you. Stay safe. Nurses rock, doctors rock, and anyone who works in a hospital or the health-care industry, you rock."

Ellen, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey in "Grey's Anatomy", recently became the last-standing original cast member on the show, as Justin Chambers signed off as Alex Karev in the drama earlier this month.

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