Vanessa Hudgens Asks Troll to 'Stop with the Moaning S**t' Over Her Tattoo Video

The former star of the 'High School Musical' film series previously uploaded a video of her reaction the first time she saw her new 'feminine angel' ink on the side of her body.

AceShowbiz - Vanessa Hudgens has been left fuming by online trolls. One week after she shared a video of her reaction to seeing her nude angel tattoo for the first time, the former star of "High School Musical" film series responded to the comments that label the sound of admiration she made as "moaning".

The 31-year-old actress unveiled the latest tattoo etched on the right side of her body through a series of Instagram posts on March 5. Among the post, she uploaded a clip that captured her reaction to seeing the design for the very first time. "Lol this was the first time I saw it. I never peeked. Hilarious. I love @drag_ink so damn much. What. A. Legend," she captioned the video.

Many were quick to joke that the sounds she made in the clip was inappropriate. One said, "Sounds like she's moaning." Another chimed in, "Girlll, I played this at work and they though i was watching porn! Lmao!!!" A third confessed, "Had this on speaker. Cheers. Mums asking questions," while a fourth wrote, "The audio of this video had people looking at me."


One person said Vanessa Hudgens sounded like she moaned.


A second user chimed in.


Another weighed in.


A fourth person also joked about the 'moaning' video.

The "Spring Breakers" actress apparently did not find the comments funny. Taking to her Instagram Story handle on Friday, March 13, she fired back at the trolls. "Just wanna say y'all better stop with the moaning s**t because it's not like I made a video and was like, 'I'm gonna moan in this video.' No, that's just my reaction, so no, I don't moan all the time," she ranted. She also labeled the clip, "Stop commenting 'why aren't you moaning?' "


The 'High School Musical' star fired back at trolls.

Hudgens was no stranger to negative comments online. The ex-girlfriend of Zac Efron and Austin Butler found herself in hot water in early February after she shared a picture of her and her sister Stella Hudgens attempting to look sexy while wearing a face mask. She captioned the Instagram photo, "We ain't afraid of no flu." Many have since blasted her for sharing the insensitive picture amid coronavirus outbreak.

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