Diplo Flees the Stage as Gunshots Erupt During Sao Paulo Performance

The Major Lazer member is seen running for cover when gunshots were fired among the crowd during his performance at the street parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

AceShowbiz - Diplo was forced to flee the stage during his performance at a street party in Sao Paulo, Brazil when two revellers were reportedly shot.

The DJ was rushed to safety after gunshots were fired during one of his sets, which left two people injured during the carnival event on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 afternoon.

A man and a woman were reportedly shot during an attempted theft at the party, which took place as Diplo, real name Thomas Pentz, was about to introduce himself on stage, taking selfies and recording the crowd on his phone.

However, at the moment the gunshots rang out, the Major Lazer star, who was on top of a truck when the shooting happened could be seen ducking for cover at the end of his Instagram post, as security guards rushed into the crowd.

Photographer Amauri Nehn told local news outlet UOL, "Everyone on top of the truck bent down and security guards went to protect Diplo. Someone heard a shot and warned the people who were on top of the truck to duck. When everything calmed down, the security guards removed (Diplo) from the truck."

He added, "I went to the side of the trio and saw a boy, who was hit in the abdomen, and a girl, who was hit in the leg. I didn't hear the shots. The sound was loud and a lot of people shouting."

As a result of the shooting, the rest of the "Silk City" star's set and the street party parade were cancelled.

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