Mary Steenburgen Gets Scolded by Son for Heaping Praise on Dan Levy

Playing along with her filmmaker son Charlie McDowell's joke, the 'Happiest Place' actress hits back by pointing out at his annual prank tribute to actress Andie McDowell.

AceShowbiz - Actress Mary Steenburgen has been jokingly criticised by her son after she gushed about her new movie co-star Dan Levy on Instagram.

The Oscar winner shared a snap of herself with Levy on social media on Monday (February 25), during filming on upcoming romantic comedy "Happiest Place", and heaped praise on the "Schitt's Creek" creator and star in the accompanying caption.

"Yep. He is every bit as wonderful as you think he is," wrote Steenburgen, adding a red heart emoji.

The short but sweet note prompted her real-life son, filmmaker Charlie McDowell, to quip, "Mom, I wish you cared about your real family as much as you do your make believe family."

Playing along with her boy, she responded by pointing out his annual prank tribute to actress Andie McDowell, responding, "@charliemcdowell A. Pitiful B. He's not in my 'make believe family'. C. You post a loving note to Andie McDowell every year on Mother's Day and you have the nerve to criticize ME???"

Steenburgen then highlighted her daughter Lilly Walton's contrasting comment, after calling on her mum to, "Adopt him (Levy) please!"

"@lillywaltondesign SO much sweeter than your brothers (sic) response," the 67-year-old replied, as Levy, whose father is "American Pie" funnyman Eugene Levy, voted in favour of the joke adoption.

"Mary! The feeling is mutual," the 36-year-old remarked. "Faxing over adoption papers."

Charlie and Lilly are Steenburgen's two children with first husband Malcolm McDowell. She is now married to another Hollywood legend, Ted Danson.

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