Dominic Purcell Mourns Mother's Passing in Heartbreaking Tribute

Honoring the memory of Mary following her death, the 'Legends of Tomorrow' star thanks his late mother for the life lessons she had taught him and for the blanketing love that kept him safe.

AceShowbiz - Actor Dominic Purcell has paid tribute to his mother Mary following her death on Monday, February 20.

"The Flash" star took to his Instagram page to share a picture of himself and his late mother, as he remembered her in a lengthy, heartbreaking post.

"#rip mum. ...god she was a beautiful human, cool as f**k and a real beauty," the Australian star began. "Cutting school to hook up with the #Beatles at the tavern Liverpool, had a flirt with #Johnlennon but ran. My mother passed away tonight. An extraordinary woman."

Paying tribute to Mary, who raised five children as a single mother with "no money" and "two jobs", Dominic continued: "Her charisma, her aura was large, people always drawn to her, she emanated a humility - no falsehoods. Indeed a quick temper only born from injustice. A humanitarian when it wasn’t hip to be one. Fighting for injustice and equality across all fields. A raw unfiltered truth intwined (sic) in a child like innocence, a nonchalant sarcastic cheeky humour was her. She was such a rare bird my mum. Last of the few. The old school. She only understood the simple things in life."

Dominic, 50, himself shares four children with ex-wife Rebecca Williamson, and admitted when he became a father it "brought to light the enormity of what my mother did and what she over came for us".

Concluding his heart-wrenching post, he wrote: "Thank you mum for the life lessons you have taught me, they are many and have formed me well. A mother’s wish. Thank you for the blanketing love that kept me safe in my moments of terror. The weeping soul of me you healed many times. My heart is heavy. Only in time will it be less so, in time you will grow more so. You did it mum. A giant in life. A giant in greatness. You had the last laugh hey mum, cheeky."

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