Harvey Weinstein's Accuser 'Emotional and Thrilled' Over Guilty Verdict

Speaking to 'Extra' of her reaction when she heard the news, Caitlin Dulany says, 'I can't believe after all these years of harming women and hurting women, we can finally see justice.'

AceShowbiz - Harvey Weinstein accuser Caitlin Dulany was left "emotional and thrilled" after a jury found the movie mogul guilty of sexual assault and third-degree rape.

Following the trial's conclusion in Manhattan, New York City, on Monday, February 24, Weinstein was remanded into custody and now faces up to 29 years in prison on the felony charges.

Dulany is part of a class action lawsuit against Weinstein, and told U.S. TV show "Extra" of her reaction when she heard the news that the producer, who pled not guilty to the charges against him, had been found guilty.

Asked how she was feeling, Dulany replied that she was "really emotional, completely thrilled and almost like I couldn’t believe it was happening. I can't believe after all these years of harming women and hurting women, we can finally see justice."

She continued: "First of all, the fact that they found him guilty of harming both of those women, I am really happy and surprised by that... It's really, really meaningful to me and to all of us... This man is really going to jail and will forever be known as a convicted serial rapist... It's still sinking in... It changes everything, it's really historic. This man who harmed me so many years ago is actually going to jail."

Zoe Brock, a model and actress from New Zealand, is also part of the class action lawsuit, and told Britain's The Guardian newspaper that she was shocked and stunned by the verdict.

"I wasn't prepared for a conviction," she said. "Historically, men in his position, with his amount of money and lawyers, who victim-blame and victim-shame women on the stand, historically these b**tards get off."

"Not only do they get off, they then make a comeback. And show up at the Oscars in a couple of years. So I was absolutely prepared for the worst. (But this is) an enormous victory. It shows them, the predators, that women can speak up, and can be believed. It shows them that if they victim-shame and victim-blame like Harvey's lawyer did that it’s not going to work well for them any more."

Weinstein's attorneys have already announced they will be appealing the verdict, which Brock said would cause "fresh hell" for her and the mogul's other accusers.

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