Cardi B's Best Friend Star Brim May Star on 'Love and Hip Hop' If She Snitches on Rapper

According to a new report, Star, who is currently pregnant, can be freed if she can turn state's evidence and snitch on the Grammy-winning rapper after following her being named in an indictment of gang members.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B's best friend Star Brim is currently facing serious legal issues after being charged with slashing a person and participating in a racketeering conspiracy in the Southern District of New York on Tuesday, February 18. Despite being chaotic, the situation may be not entirely bad for Star as she may be given an opportunity to start a new reality show career.

According to MTO News, things don't look good for Star, whose real name is Yonette Respass, who accused of being the highest ranking female member of a violent Bloods street gang, the 5-9 Brims. New York Federal presecutors a 95% conviction rate, but she may be out sooner if she does these things.

Star, who is currently pregnant, can be freed if she can turn state's evidence and snitch on bestie Cardi. While the feds didn't mention the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker, the feds claimed that Star ordered the attack with other gang members, implying that the wife of Offset was one of them.

Should Star be snitching on the Cardi, she could have been offered with a "no jail time" deal. In addition to that, she might be hired by the producers of "Love & Hip Hop". When asked if they would interested to have Star if she were to snitch on Cardi, two insiders said, "YES."

"The 5-9 Brims is a violent criminal organization that has terrorized residents of Brooklyn and Queens by committing brutal acts of violence in public places, trafficking narcotics on the streets and defrauding victims through financial schemes," United States Attorney Donoghue stated.

The indictment alleges these gang members had been feuding with a rival faction of the gang called the "Real Ryte," with some of the defendants either participating in or conspiring in the murder of rival members. Star is additionally accused of orchestrating an attack at Angels night club in Flushing, Queens in August 2018.

While many of the 5-9 Brims gang members have been arrested, Star herself has been allowed to delay her arrest until she gives birth to her baby. Prosecutors say they are in discussions with her attorney regarding a time and date for self-surrender.

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