Upon seeing the 'Power' actor's new Instagram post, people seemingly assume on the comment section that he is currently going through some kind of Ghost withdrawals, much to his dislike.

AceShowbiz - Fans may have to start differentiate between the actors and the characters they are playing in TV series or movies. Omari Hardwick stunned people with his role as Ghost on Starz's hit series "Power", which ended two weeks ago, but he still wants everyone know that he isn't above the role's tactics.

Omari took to his Instagram account on Thursday, February 20 to share a photo of him while quoting the poem called "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley. The post, however, made people assume that Omari was going through some kind of Ghost withdrawals, much to his dislike.

"You miss being Ghost don't you?" asked one follower, to which the actor replied firmly, "No. Left everything in him & left it all on the floor literally. No." Someone also struck Omari's nerve by commenting, "We want ghost f**k what you talking about." Another fan agreed, saying, "honestly I agree holy s**t .. he was kool until I hear him in real life .. matter fact where's tommy."

In response to the insult, Omari wrote, "now you ….you the clown. When i slap the s**t outa you (cuz you don't deserve more than that) outa you….i will remind you thas from me, Omari. B***h a** f**k boy. Go be just THAT. Clown a** n***as. Should go ask your Momz if she can rebirth you. Matta fact….go find Tommy & Joe. See if they don't say the same."

Fans quickly jumped into Omari's defense. "you're so disrespectful and that's why he doesn't miss it!" one of them said. "He is Omari, not Ghost. He gave his all during Ghost, a charter's existence. Allow him to explore and be he!! You can't be a fan speaking like this! Sad." Another added, "well YOU wanted ghost don't go looking for Tommy you no how he get down you might end up dead."

"Power" aired its finale on Sunday, February 9. The episode revealed the biggest mystery about the identity who shot Ghost to death. The finale saw that Tariq St. Patrick, Ghost and Tasha's only son, was the person to pull the trigger and shoot his father in the chest, causing him to tumble off a nightclub balcony and later meet his demise.

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