Jeezy Branded Hypocrite After Urging People Not to Kill Others: 'You Set Gucci Mane Up'
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Weighing in on the murder of rapper Pop Smoke, the 'Soul Survivor' spitter says in an Instagram video, 'We're not in a jungle, you ain't gotta kill your brother to eat.'

AceShowbiz - Young Jeezy has joined a list of hip-hop stars speaking out after the murder of Pop Smoke. Taking to his Instagram account on Wednesday, February 19, the rapper posted a video of him urging people not to kill each other to make a living, only to find himself getting called a hypocrite instead.

In the video in question, Jeezy said, "We gotta do better man, what we doing? At the end of the day, man, we all kings. We're not in a jungle, you ain't gotta kill your brother to eat. Them days should be long behind us. They print money every day. Every day. Apply yourself. We got to do better."

He also called on anyone listening to focus on fostering love and community instead of hate and jealousy. "We kings, baby. Let's be kings," the "Soul Survivor" rapper added, mentioning another slain rapper, Nipsey Hussle. "We got to get it together, man. We just lost Nipsey to some ignorance and we back here again. Come on man. I'm rooting for you, I want to see everybody win. Real talk."

Some people agreed with Jeezy and praised him for speaking out, while some others thought that the message should not come from his mouth given his past beef with Gucci Mane. "You sent people to go kill Gucci Mane & failed. Right message, wrong messenger," one said, before clarifying, "Well not kill him. But to take his 'So Icy' chain & someone was killed."

Someone echoed, "Jeezy def set up Gucci to be killed … IN A HOME INVASION though," while one other said, "Now we Kings but put 20K for anybody who get Gucci chain." Another also reminded him of the incident, "Now Jeezy, we ain't forget when you put a $10K bag on Gucci for his chain which resulted in your friends Pookie's death." One more person similarly wrote, "Love the messages & all but we ain't forget you tried to do Gucci the same way back in the day."

Jeezy and Gucci were first beefing back in 2005, when the former claimed that he was never paid for his appearance on "Icy". Later, he released a song called "Stay Strapped" on which he placed a $10,000 bounty on Gucci's chain. Tension later were soaring between them when four met set up Gucci Mane at a stripper's home and attempted to rob him. Gucci grabbed his pistol and shot one of the assailants to death.

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