Actress Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst Mauled by Her Own Dogs

The 'Beverly Hills Cop' actress is rushed to hospital with a bloody arm and hand after she's caught in the middle of a violent fight between her two pit bulls.

AceShowbiz - Actress Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst was hospitalised after being mauled by her own dogs.

The "Beverly Hills Cop III" star was left needing surgery after she was attacked on Friday, February 14, 2020 night at her West Hollywood home, her fiance Mark Nason told TMZ.

Heather was petting their seven-month-old pit bull, Baby, when their other pit bull, eight-year-old Buddha, appeared to get jealous and growled. The two dogs then lunged at each other, but Heather's right hand and arm got caught in the middle of the violent incident.

The "Alpha Dog" actress was rushed to hospital to treat her injuries, which included crushed bones in her hand, torn ligaments and other deep cuts throughout her arm.

Doctors inserted pins and stitched up her arm but she remains hospitalised.

According to Mark, the star will require a year of therapy to recover, but he insisted the couple plans to keep both the dogs.

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