Quentin Miller Still Suffering After Meek Mill Dragged Him Into Drake Feud: 'Give Me Opportunity'
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Ever since he was accused of being the Toronto rapper's ghostwriter, Miller reveals that many collaborators cut ties with him and see him as a toxic influence.

AceShowbiz - It's been five years since Drake released his project "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late". It should be an occasion to celebrate, but Quentin Miller just couldn't get into the mood of celebration, especially after what happened to him. On Thursday, February 13, the producer revealed he is still suffering from the beef between Meek Mill and Drake.

For those who need a reminder, Miller found himself at the center of controversy after Mill accused him of ghostwriting for Drake. Even though he had denied the accusation, his career is still badly affected by the whole situation up until this day. "It's pretty much taboo for me to even talk about it," he said of the album, which was released shortly before the controversy.

Miller went on saying that all the good memories he had with the album "were all murdered by Meek Mandela," adding, "The day he put my name out there and just blew up my whole spot. That s**t just f**ked everything up for me, bro." He explained that while Miller became instantly infamous due to that, it also prompted many collaborators to cut ties with him and saw him as a toxic influence.

Pointing out the fact that Mill and Drake have reconciled and become "best friends," Miller deemed the entire situation "pointless." He wondered in the video, "What the f**k was all of that for?" Miller added, "It wasn't a good light for me. It was hell for me."

To conclude the video, Miller asked for labels and artists to "take a chance" on him. "Everyone wanna kick me to the curb, man," he said. "F**k that s**t, give me the opportunity, man. … I can box with all these n***as, man. So, take a chance on Quentin Miller."

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