Ne-Yo's Wife Seemingly Responds After He Removes His Wedding Ring Amid Split Rumors

Crystal Smith and one of her friends crack a joke about 'pinky ring' shortly after her singer husband removes his wedding band and put it on his pinky finger.

AceShowbiz - Ne-Yo's wife Crystal Smith looked unbothered despite rumors that her marriage fell apart. She was singing and dancing while hanging out with her friends at the Sugar Factory in Atlanta.

At one point, she asked one of her friends about the upcoming Valentine's Day and he replied by showing off his pinky ring before they giggled and laughed at their inside joke.

The internet quickly assumed it's her response to Ne-Yo removing his wedding ring. In a different video, the singer was seen putting the ring on his pinky finger and dancing to a song with lyrics, "She gave back the wedding ring, I turned it to a pinky ring."

As the video went viral, Crystal's friend tried to play it down. "lmao whole time! I'm just showcasing my new pinky ring! My sis not even mad, she loves her baby daddy! Neyo still my bro! Hiiiii," the friend claimed.

Crystal is rumored to dump Ne-Yo and plans to file for divorce after it's revealed she is no longer following him on Instagram and has deleted all his pictures from her account. She also hinted at her rocky marriage on Instagram Stories. She penned, "What isn't mine isn't my problem" and "Don't confuse 'having fun' and 'being happy' two different things."

She additionally posted a picture from her photoshoot with Ne-Yo, but she chose the one that didn't have the singer on it. "It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations..and you can't buy that," she captioned the lonely photo.

Ne-Yo and Crystal, a former adult film star, share two sons. They got engaged in 2015 following his split from Monyetta Shaw, the mother of his two other kids.

Ne-Yo and Monyetta almost got married in 2013 but he called it off only two months before their wedding. During their relationship, she got her tube tied after giving birth to her second child and he agreed to undergo vasectomy.

However, he never got it done. He, instead, knocked up Crystal. After they went public with their relationship, one of her steamy videos leaked but it didn't deter him from marrying her.

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