Lori Harvey Fearlessly Fighting Off Car Thief in Parking Lot

Steve Harvey's stepdaughter is tailed by two thieves into a parking lot following a shopping trip to Whole Foods but she foils their attempt to steal her car during the scary encounter.

AceShowbiz - Lori Harvey had an encounter with robbers in a parking lot. In a surveillance video, Steve Harvey's stepdaughter was seen fearlessly fighting off one of the thieves who tried to steal her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Lori was all alone as she parked her white car. When she got out and made her way to the trunk to grab her stuff, a man in a black hoodie rushed to the driver's seat while another suspect was waiting nearby in a getaway car.

Future's girlfriend fought off the criminal, seemingly trying to pull him out of the vehicle but to no avail. She eventually gave up and decided to walk away leaving the robber to close the car's door.

But instead of driving off in Lori's car, the thief along with his friend fled in their original ride and abandoned her vehicle after grabbing her duffel bag. Apparently, Lori had the car's keys was her when she walked away.

It was a scary encounter, but Lori looked calm during the whole ordeal and her quick-thinking successfully thwarted the auto theft attempt.

"Wow that's Insane at least she's safe," one commented. Another wrote, "She prob realized she had the keys and dude ain't going no where lol." One other praised her, "She's brave I would of let them take it for real." Meanwhile, a concerned individual said, "She need security. We could've been reading a completely different headline today."

However, a few were skeptical. They claimed the robbery was fake because she looked too calm. "Sorry but I'm not convinced," one commented.

Lori Harvey hasn't made any comment on the matter. She was reportedly not injured and the duffel bag stolen by the robbers only contained some clothes.

She told police she was just back from shopping at Whole Foods and now they're looking for any surveillance cameras that may have captured the suspects tailing her into the parking lot.

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