The president gets called out for hinting he wants to rule the U.S. longer than the law allows in his tweet after being found not guilty on both charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump is celebrating the result of his impeachment trial with yet another controversial tweet. The president, who was acquitted by the Senate on both charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Wednesday, February 5, took to Twitter to post an edited version of animated cover of TIME in response to the votes.

The video features supposed boards for Trump's future election campaign that goes beyond 2020. His version of the animated video ends with an image of the president standing behind a board that suggests he wants to continue to rule the U.S. until the year of 90,000, before it says, "Trump 4eva."

Many have since taken this as a sign that he wants to lead the country as a dictator. "Joking about dictatorships is *so* Funny Donald," one sarcastically reacted to his tweet. "You're a shame and an embarrassment -never trump Republican."

"OMG he definitely wants to be a dictator. I cannot believe he actually posted this on his Twitter feed on second thought yeah I can believe it," another wrote. Someone else commented, "There goes that dictator mentality again. Exactly what you want to see in a president. "

A fourth user remarked, "Trump celebrates by telling us he plans to violate the US Constitution by staying in the White House forever. Every GOP Senator who voted to acquit Trump is complicit in all of Trump's future crimes."

"You cannot tell me this man is not a real life villain," another said of the president, while others think he's not completely innocent of the crimes he's accused of. "Acquittal is not exoneration, imbecile. You're stained with impeachment for the rest of your miserable life," one anti-Trump commented on his post.

After two weeks of deliberation, the United States Senate came to the conclusion of the impeachment trial on Wednesday, February 5. He was found not guilty on both charges with two thirds of Senate declaring him innocent, meaning he will stay in the office until the end of his first term in November 2020.

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