Azealia Banks Breaks Down, Begs for Help After Racist Neighbor Threatens Her With Gun

According to the 'Anna Wintour' rapper on Instagram Stories, this isn't the first time one of her neighbors 'pulled a gun on me and he's threatening to f***ing shoot me.'

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks is fearing for her life. The Harlem rapper posted on Instagram Stories a series of videos in which she tearfully begged her followers to help her after she was being threatened with a gun by one of her neighbors.

According to her, her neighbor came to her door at 6:30 A.M. and pulled a gun on her because of her loud music. She also said this isn't the first time her life was threatened by that neighbor. "This is the second f***ing time my neighbor pulled a gun on me and he's threatening to f***ing shoot me," she said. "He does the same racist spiel, and the way he pulls the gun out, he knows he can just shoot me and kill me."

She added, "He's like this racist... 'cause I keep playing the music. He just thinks I'm some random b***h." Begging her followers to come and help her, she shared her address on the site and said, "I'm not even joking. Please come to my house. If you're a block away or down the street, just come to my house so I can call the cops."

As for the reason why she could only call law enforcement once her followers were with her, it's because she feared the cops might take the neighbor's side over hers, given that she lives in a mostly-white neighborhood. "If I call the cops, I don't know what the cops are gonna do. I don't know what white people will do," Azealia stated. "I'm like the only black girl on this f***ing street."

Fortunately for her, fans soon rushed to come to her support. And even though she was "a bit traumatized" by the whole incident, she assured she would be all right. "I'm leaving here tomorrow but felt it was important to make my whereabouts public in case this crazy guy decided on anything strange," Azealia later updated on Instagram Stories. "That was a lesson in adulthood because I never want to be that afraid ever again."

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