Billy Porter Weighs In on Pastor Troy's Homophobic Rant Against Lil Nas X

Troy previously landed in hot water after slamming the 'Old Town Road' hitmaker's Grammy look. which included a bright-pink cowboy outfit, on a lengthy Instagram post.

AceShowbiz - Billy Porter has responded to Pastor Troy's rant which was directed to Lil Nas X. When asked about Troy's homophobic post in which he criticized Nas X's Grammy outfit, the "Pose" star didn't seem to be surprised by the hate.

When TMZ caught up with the Tony-award winning star on Thursday, January 30, Billy weighed in on the situation. "I don't think anything about it," the actor, who was clad in all-black outfit that day, said to the reporter.

Billie, however, admitted that hip-hop wasn't exactly receptive when it comes to LGBTQ+ community. "There's a lot of homophobia in hip-hop," he claimed. As for the way to change their mind, Billy shared, "I don't know. I'm doing it by being who I am." Before going away, he shared that he was "totally" proud of the "Old Town Road" rapper and said that he looked "fabulous" in his outfit.

Troy previously landed in hot water after slamming Nas X's Grammy look. Alongside a photo of Nas X donning a bright-pink cowboy outfit, Troy wrote on his recent Instagram post, "Welp, Guess I won't be winning a GRAMMY...If this what I gotta wear. They love to push this s**t on Our Kids!!"

"The other day @applebees had some punks kissing and laughing eating mozzarella sticks. First Thing My 14 yr old Son said was, 'F**** Applebee's' And It Brought Joy to My Heart!!" he revealed. "He sees it...their agenda to take the masculinity from Men, Black Men Especially."

"Some may say, 'He Making Money!!' RuPaul do too, but I ain't bumping his CD!!! Integrity is Priceless. Y'all Better open that 3rd Eye and let your Sons Know What Is Real...Or They A** Gone Be Headed Down That Old Town Road Foreal!!~P.T. #TheyGoneRiiiiiiddddeeeTil theycantnomore," he added.

Nas X responded to the rant, writing in the comment section, "this is so sad. stream rodeo."

Troy received a lot of criticisms for his homophobic view, but he defended himself, "That s**t (was) man made. Animals know better. When the last time you seen a gay animal? Ok."

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