'90 Day Fiance' Star Michael Jessen's Ex-Wife Officiates His Marriage to Juliana Custodio

Sarah Jessen admits it was unusual for an ex-wife to be officiating her ex-husband's wedding as saying, 'How many ex-wives officiate their ex-husband's wedding?'

AceShowbiz - Relationships between someone's current partner and their exes are usually far from good, but that isn't the case with Michael Jessen's lover Juliana Custodio and his ex-wife Sarah. If anything, the latter is apparently completely supportive of their romance to the point where she doesn't mind officiating their nuptials.

In the latest episode of "90 Day Fiance", viewers were offered the inside look at Michael and Juliana's marriage ceremony in their lavish backyard in Greenwich, Connecticut. Sarah, instead of casually attending the wedding like any other ex-wives, chose to be the one who married the couple. That was surely unusual, considering that a wedding is usually officiated by a relative of one of the parties getting married, and Sarah isn't a blood-relative of Michael's.

Sarah herself admitted it was unusual, "How many ex-wives officiate their ex-husband's wedding? I could be the 42-year-old stay-at-home mom who's bitter that her ex traded her in for a younger model. But I'm not."

Sarah and Michael's children were also present during the wedding, giving their own speech. Maxwell said in his speech, "I'm glad you all can come here today and I'm really glad that my dad and Juliana are finally getting, like, married. I love both of them. I love my dad very much and Juliana's a great person."

The ceremony went on without any problems, though Juliana nearly had a breakdown because her family didn't come nor reach out to her. "I confess, I was waiting for my mother or my sister [to] appear, but they didn't," she said. "None of my family text me. Not hearing from my family, I can't explain the feeling. I can't."

Michael and Juliana had a long, rocky road prior to their wedding. Her K-1 visa was delayed for multiple times and prompted her to wait for two years. Fortunately, they managed to overcome the troubles.

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