Video Shows White Rapper Getting Punched for Saying the N-Word During Rap Battle

In the video that has since gone viral online, William Wolf is seen rapping, 'My n***a,' before finding himself getting socked in the jaw by his black opponent.

AceShowbiz - Diss battle is that one time where you are free to say whatever you want to attack your opponent, but there's still something that you need to be mindful of when facing your opponent. If you don't do that, you're most likely going to end up like William Wolf, a white rapper who got punched by his black opponent for saying the N-word during a rap battle.

In the video footage that has since gone viral, William was spitting his bars surrounded by a number of people, "I ain't like these other battle rappers/ They talk too much/ Saying I can't say the N-word in this battle." He went on let out the words, "My n***a," and before he could even finished his bars, he found himself getting socked in the jaw by his opponent.

Things soon went downhill, with another person trying to prevent things from going worse than it already was. Meanwhile, William was visibly shocked over what happened.

People didn't feel bad at all for William as they thought that he deserved it. "People need to understand that just because your home boy won't check you, don't mean someone ones else won't," one said, as someone was disappointed that the rapper didn't receive enough punches, "I'm mad he was the only one to throw a punch. I'm disappointed in that whole room." Meanwhile, another commented, "Should've punched him harder lol." More than one thousand people agreed to the user's remark, hitting the like button.

This isn't actually William's first time tacking the N-word topic in his rap. Last month, he once again rapper about it during his rap battle with TD Berry. "All this dark skin vs light skin s**t/ What was the point of Brown versus the Board of Education in modern day, y'all diss and kill each other over a slight difference in pigmentation?" he spitted. "But I can't use the N-word in the hood/ Well, that's news to me."

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