Bhad Bhabie Goes on Instagram Rant Against Father, Urges Him to Get 'Mental Help'

This arrives after Ira Peskowitz writes on his Facebook page to address footage that features Bhabie's mom Barbara Ann allegedly getting into a physical altercation with the young raptress.

AceShowbiz - Bhad Bhabie's (Danielle Bregoli) Instagram break is short-lived. Not long after the young rapper made a social media return, she went on Instagram Live to take shots at her own father as he blasted her mom's parenting towards her.

"So there is a video of the mentally disturbed mother beating my daughter once again and it was just removed from her Instagram," so Ira Peskowitz wrote on his Facebook page after footage surfaced online showing Bhabie's mom Barbara Ann allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Bhabie. "But it shows that the mother continuously beats my daughter and the State Attorneys office calls it Corporal Punishment!"

"#Judge Delgado you were clueless and you have no idea what my daughter is going through currently and in the past," he continued. "you had a responsibility to protect a child and uphold my parental rights..You failed......"

While Ira appeared to defend her, Bhabie was not impressed. Posting a screenshot picture of the post, the "Cash Me Outside" star wrote in the caption, "I want a restraining order against this man This is my biological father but is also the same man who walked out on my mother when I was three months old for some stripper that he met in Canada then got married to her March 27 of 2004 the day after my first birthday which he wasn't EVEN THERE FOR."

"He never wanted to see me the one time the court was making him see me he decided to 'cancel'. This man did not want a damn thing to do with me until I got famous," she added. "Not to mention also signed his rights away in exchange for 20k."

"This man makes a big deal out of everything I can't even post a video as a joke without this man making it seem more than it is. All he wants is spot light when he really needs mental help! This man is mentally ill. Wasn't only cheating on my momma with strippers but men too," Bhabie concluded, before adding hashtag of #seekhelp.

Not enough, the raptress took to her Instagram Live to voice her frustration against her father. "You ain't did a goddamn, motherf***ing thing for me my whole life," she ranted while being inside a car. "As my mother got breast cancer, she stopped working to take care of me. What the f**k was you doing?"

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