Future's Alleged Baby Mama Savagely Blasts Him for Claiming She Has Mental Disorder

The 'Life Is Good' hitmaker has asked for court-ordered mental health evaluation for Eliza Reign, pointing out that her 'overly emotional' behavior on social media is a sign of her mental health issues.

AceShowbiz - Future apparently believes that Eliza Reign, who claims to be his baby mama, is suffering from mental health disorder, and he wants a judge to help him confirm his suspicion. It's been reported that the rapper has asked for court-ordered mental health evaluation for the woman.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Future alleges that she's been saying harmful things about him on social media and brings up a history of violence against her former partners with firearms. He also points out that her "overly emotional" behavior on social media is another sign of mental health issues. Due to this, he believes she needs to undergo psychological evaluation to determine whether she has a mental health disorder, as he fears for both his safety and her daughter's.

Future doesn't address the whether or not he's fathering Eliza's child. However, he claims that she took fertility pills as a plot to get pregnant with a rich man's baby. The 36-year-old also claims that she's only after his money by using her own child.

Eliza has responded to the accusation, commenting under a gossip blog's article about this, "Imagine having such deep concern for the safety of a child that's not yours, from a girl that you don't know, that also happened to be obsessed with you. ok sis."

Not stopping there, she then took to her own account and shared a photo of a spray with the words, "F**kboy repellent," written on it. In the caption of the post, she wrote, "Life is good," a clear reference to Future's new collaboration with Drake of the same title. Eliza then followed it up with a post that read, "The ability to do some FOUL s**t & play VICTIM is a true form of MENTAL ILLNESS."

Future has yet to respond back.

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