Robert Downey Jr. Slammed for Comparing Taylor Swift to Animal for 'Eating Her Exes'

The 'Iron Man' actor faces backlash from the 'Lover' singer's diehard fans after jokingly comparing her to female spiders which are notorious for killing their male partners.

AceShowbiz - Robert Downey Jr. angered Taylor Swift's fans over his jokes about the singer. The "Iron Man" actor dissed the "Lover" star while sharing his "animal knowledge" and promoting his new movie "Dolittle" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show".

As he talked about female spider killing the male after mating, he said, "She literally eats her ex, this is also seen with another species, the Tayloress Swiftess. Or no, no, no, she's actually not cruel. She just writes a song about you. She's a sweet species."

While Taylor was silent, her fans called out the Marvel star. "Imagine how tired we are. How long will people keep attacking Taylor like this? Never liked this guy from the beginning," one wrote. Another called him "disgusting." One other said, "They killed him in Avengers for a reason."

Ellen DeGeneres took the heat as well, mentioning that the writer(s) on the show played a part in writing the jokes. "On the ELLEN show of all places," one remarked. Another slammed the show in a more scathing comment, "Of course of all things it was on Ellen. Biggest two faced talk show on Tv."

As some defended RDJ and insisted "he didn't lie," an individual argued, "He literally lied since Taylor has been with the same man for almost 4 years now." Another claimed, "Okay...but Ed [Sheeran] and Bruno [Mars] do the same thing, Leo [DiCaprio] Literally dumps women when they come to a certain age and no one says anything, instead they just praise him."

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