Camila Cabello Looks Back at Memories She Made From Debut Album on Its 2nd Anniversary
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Sharing a montage of career highlights from her past two years on social media, the 'Havana' hitmaker admits 'watching these videos has left her kind of speechless and nostalgic.'

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello took to Twitter to share a montage of highlights from the past two years as she celebrated the second anniversary of her debut album, "Camilla".

The former Fifth Harmony member launched her chart-topping solo career with her 2017 hit "Havana" and, reflecting on two years since she broke away from "The X Factor (US)" group, she shared a reflective post with fans online.

"today is the two year anniversary of my first album... these clips go from the last memory I made from this album back to the very first," she penned, alongside a clip of footage of several memorable career moments.

"it's crazy looking at the girl in these videos, watching these performances and remembering how I felt in those moments - I remember being so scared in that first video but fighting through the knee, hands, and voice shaking with all I had- honestly watching these videos has left me kind of speechless and nostalgic in the best way," she added. "I will never forget these memories for as long as I live."

In a separate note, the Senorita hitmaker honoured fans for sticking with her through career highs and lows, including her first Lollapalooza performance where she "thought nobody would know me", and "the Grammys performance of Havana and having my dad and my sister onstage with me".

I will never forget how grateful I am that you've literally made my dreams come true," she concluded. "I've wanted to do this ever since I can remember, and you’ve taken me on the wildest ride of my life."

The star dropped her second album, "Romance", in December (2019).

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