Rapper Yung Joc Now Becomes Uber Driver to Earn 'Easy Money'

Fans notice about this after the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star picks up a couple of passenger in the city who just so happen to recognize him despite his disguise.

AceShowbiz - Yung Joc has switched gear from becoming a rapper to an Uber driver. A couple of fans were recently picked up by the hip-hop and reality TV star in Atlanta by chance, and it didn't take them long enough to recognize him.

In a video that has since been circulating online, one passenger could be heard telling Joc, who covered himself in a pink hoodie, that he looked and sounded similar. Joc tried to avoid the question and play coy at first, until another passenger chimed in to ask, "I just wanna ask some questions. Umm, are you Yung Joc?" That was when he revealed his identity.

But things got rather awkward after that, particularly when the first passenger assumed that Joc changed profession because he "fell off." The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star was rather taken aback by the comment, saying, "I mean, I just feel like it's an easy way to get money." He also said that he gets the chance to meet a lot of people by doing so.

However, the passenger was still dying to know the real reason why Joc becomes an Uber driver, leading him to ask whether it's a problem for him to be a rideshare driver. The passenger insisted that he doesn't mean anything by that, adding, "Ain't nobody trying to clown you. I said what I said."

The passenger, whose name is J'Koni, later explained to The Shade Room about their interaction, "He actually didn't react how I thought he would he just basically was telling me thats my problem if I feel he fell off for having multiple streams of income."

Joc made his debut back in 2006, when he released his hit single "It Ain't Goin' Down". The song peaked at No. 3 on Billboard's Hot 100 and helped him reach No. 20 in Forbes' Richest Rappers List at that time.

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