Suge Knight Claims He Slept With Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, Her Ex-Fiance Admits It Was 'Messy'
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While the former TLC member never turned her relationship with Tupac Shakur sexual, the incarcerated music producer reveals he dated the singer when she joined his label Death Row Records.

AceShowbiz - Lisa Lopes a.k.a. Left Eye's complicated love relationship was divulged in details in the new episode of Lifetime's documentary series "Hopelessly in Love". Among the surprising revelation was her relationship with her then-boss Suge Knight.

On the docuseries, the incarcerated music producer claimed he dated the former TLC member when she joined his label Death Row Records. "She went to one of my high rises one time. She gave me a hug and I sat back down in my chair and fired up a cigar," Suge detailed his encounter with the singer. "The doorbell rings, so I get up and open up the door and they got the carts - it's all her [clothes and suitcases]."

"And she never went home, She showed up and never rolled out," so Suge claimed. "We started hanging and she's a great person. I mean even before it was a sexual relationship, I had major love for her. But I knew [her fiance] Andre Rison, we were cool. But I cared about [Lisa.]"

Lisa at the time had just broken up with former football player Andre Rison, who confirmed her relationship with Suge. Lisa "had relations with Suge," he said, "and that's just messy."

Also on the documentary, Andre talked about Lisa's alleged affair with Tupac Shakur, who also worked with Suge at the time. Lisa and Andre were in an "on-and-off relationship" for over a decade, and would "fight often" and "break up for months," with many suspecting that Lisa was in love with Tupac.

Andre, who "knew how Lisa felt about Pac," claimed that "Lisa would always deny that she slept with Pac, and I still didn't believe it." He added, "I think she was confused because she loved me and she loved Tupac."

However, Lisa's circle said that she and Tupac, whom she called "her soulmate," never crossed the line. "Tupac told Lisa in the very beginning, 'Never let me sleep with you,' and they stood by that," one person who was interviewed on the show said.

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