Tank Throws Shade at K. Michelle for Mocking New RnB Artists

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star says on her Twitter account that songs put out by new artists are 'boring' and have 'no soul,' adding, 'I'm so confused by it.'

AceShowbiz - K. Michelle isn't a fan of new R&B artists and she doesn't even bother to keep it a secret. The 33-year-old singer took to Twitter on Wednesday, January 8 to express her dislike towards songs put out by the new generation of R&B singers, making some people mad in the process.

"Up early listening to new R&B artist and this is the best way to fall asleep," Michelle wrote on the micro-blogging site, adding that their music "has no soul and it boring. It plays like one big lullaby. I'm so confused by it." She then added in a separate post, "There are some really good singles I hear though, but the albums lack hard work and more like the less the better im guessing. I guess."

Among those who took problem with her comments was Tank. Shortly after she made the tweet, the male singer turned to his own account to write, "I would like to apologize to all of the young r&b artists who are just trying to figure it out in your generation. I see too much hate from old people about how you artistically articulate your r&b experience! Create it the way YOU feel it! Period!"

He continued shading Michelle by pointing out that "change is inevitable and traditions don't last," before further encouraging new artists to keep writing music as they like. "Creativity is not singular it's exponentially plural!" Tank wrote. "There are no rules, no boxes, and no walls! Share your gifts your way unapologetically! Work hard and dedicate yourself to the craft! The universe will take care of the rest! Welcome to the R&B Music!"

Michelle has yet to respond back to Tank, though she previously stressed that "art is objective." She elaborated, "We taught as kids to speak up and open our mouths, at least I was. I refuse to whisper on a track or in public places as a matter of fact! Lol. Open up your mouth and just SING."

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