Fans Ridicule Summer Walker for Being Scammed by Drug Dealer

Upon learning that the singer was scammed when she tried to buy weed, people troll the 'I'll Kill You' star as one comments, 'All her next posts gonna be food with hella parsley.'

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker appears to be laughing off her own misery. The "Playing Games" songstress took to Instagram Stories to post a video of a plastic of weed, which apparently was nothing but oregano.

"What's up, Miami?" Summer could be heard saying in the clip. Zooming into the green stuff inside the clear bag, she continued, "$75 for some... for some grass."

Upon learning that the singer was scammed when she tried to buy weed, some Internet users couldn't help but troll the "I'll Kill You" star. "DEM BOYS CUT A YARD AND PUT IT IN A BAG," one fan wrote with another one adding, "I don't even smoke but I check my food before I leave a drive thru & this wouldn't be no different."

"You walked off without looking at itttt howwww," she continued. One person, meanwhile, wondered why Summer didn't check or smell before going, "you would think they would at least smell it first bc gas is LOUD."

"Make pasta not post. Nobody should know that you played ya self," another fan suggested. One fan joked, "All her next posts gonna be food with hella parsley."

Meanwhile, a person noticed that "she sound like she high af already! That's why she ain't notice!" Referring to Summer's social anxiety, someone else sarcastically said, "She was prolly too nervous bein around people she grabbed the wrong bag! YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE that ain't gas!! Shame on her TOO!!! Wow!"

Summer's boyfriend London On Da Track took to the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk, "Lol dub dat ain't her s**t she don't even smoke s**t was funny af." Not believing his words, one user replied, "now come on I love this young lady vibe but you can tell she be high as f**k," while one other thought that the weed must be London's.

That aside, Summer was enjoying the Christmas gift given by London, who presented her a brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. "Me?" a nervous Summer asked in a video she posted on the photo-sharing site, before her team encouraged her to check out the pricey car. "I don't know, I'm scared. I feel like I just sold my whole a**," she added.

Captioning the video, Summer wrote, "People don't even know what I actually went through this year.. I just sucked it up & kept pushin to the best of my abilities. Stayed quiet & stayed kind & in return I just keep getting BLESSED."

"I Always feel so alone but these men always make sure to remind me that I have a family, that I'm valued, taken care of, & protected," she continued. "This is so crazy I can't say thank you enough @lvrngram & thank you pumkin @londonondatrack I appreciate y'all so much."

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