Lori Harvey Sparks Toxic Ex Memes After Showing Off Lavish Christmas Gifts

The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey takes to Instagram Stories to show all the gifts that she receives for Christmas, including an abundance of Chanel purses in various colors.

AceShowbiz - Lori Harvey is enjoying her Christmas in the most luxurious way possible. The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey has caused social media frenzy after she showed off all the lavish gifts that she received on the special occasion.

Taking to Instagram Stories, she showed an abundance of Chanel purses in various colors as well as a two-toned diamond Cuban link chain. The social media star also flaunted her expensive Rolex watch that was believed to be from Future as he is known for buying the watches for his girlfriends. Besides receiving gifts, Lori presented her mother, Marjorie, with a brand new Chanel bag.

Lori did not reveal who gave her all the presents, prompting people to jokingly speculate that they were all from her exes. "Say what you want about Lori Harvey but if this comes from toxic n***s I want it," one said. "Did y'all see the gifts Lori Harvey got? Her p***y gotta be f***ing phenomenal, Jesus Christ," another said.

Many others, meanwhile, decided to brand her the new face of toxic ex memes, which found people making holiday greetings from an ex-lover. "Merry Christmas... I saw your little fiancee... she's cute.. I guess. Anyway, tell you mom I made her sweet potato pic," someone said alongside a photo of Lori texting someone. Using the same photo, another wrote, "Sorry I missed your call...thought we were keeping it low-key. Anyway, imma have 2 cancel tomorrow. No reason really, and I'm booked New Years Eve so... thanks for the memories."

One other person joked, "All I wanted for Christmas was us to be together but you rather be with that other b***h, anyway how yo loud a** mama doing? She never liked me but ion give a f**k, I know you miss me tho, don't text back cause my n***a with me rn." Meanwhile, a user said, "I know it's been a while, I'm drinking mimosas thinking about what we used to do after I left brunches with the girls and--anyway, I just really want you to be happy even if it's not with me. Tell baby sis text me. I found the link to where I got them lashes. Merry Christmas."

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