Jack Black's Family Christmas Plan Includes Sharks

The 'Shallow Hal' actor keeps his family Christmas destination a secret but he hints at going on an adventure that involves sharks for the annual festive holiday.

AceShowbiz - Jack Black and his family have a plan for Christmas involving slides, water and sharks - but he's keeping the destination quiet.

The singing, acting funnyman has been working full tilt and wants to do something really fun with his wife, Tanya Haden, and sons Samuel and Thomas over the holidays.

,p> "I don't know if I should tell you because then the secret will be out," the Tenacious D star shares on "Live with Kelly and Ryan", before spilling the news anyway.

"We're going do a little water-sliding. That's the plan. I love waterslides!"

Asked if he prefers the really tall slides or the more gentle, child-friendly ones, he reveals he likes the "danger" of the steeper rides.

"I'm very trusting in the technology," he laughs. "I don't feel they would send me down a tube if it was unsafe. But maybe I shouldn't be so trusting. I love a slide."

"I guess what I'm saying is I like danger and I have never met a slide that I was too scared to do. But I heard there's one waterslide we're going to that you slide through sharks."

And he admits that though he likes to pretend the holiday planning is all for his family, the truth may be a little different, "I say that it's fun for the kids, the boys like to slide, but really it's for me!"

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