'GUHH': Angela Simmons Crashes Romeo Miller's Party, Confronts Him for Ghosting Her

In the latest episode of the series, the shoe designer and her former best friend get caught in an argument after he fails to answer her phone call and message.

AceShowbiz - Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller's (Lil' Romeo) fallout took center stage of the latest episode of "Growing Up Hip Hop". In the Thursday, December 12 episode, the shoe designer crashed her former best pal's party and confronted him for ignoring her.

She arrived before Romeo, joining the others and waiting for him to show up. As they continued to wait, Angela grew more impatient and was ready to leave the venue if not for her friends holding her back. Romeo eventually showed up two hours later, greeting everyone but Angela. This made the 32-year-old confront him head on, "So, what seems to be the problem?"

Ignoring her question, Romeo thanked her for coming instead. She didn't buy it at all and asked the same question to him. "You haven't answered a phone call or text, you didn't invite me here," she angrily told him, who hit back, "We can talk about this in real life, if you want to hit me up." When Angela said that it wouldn't work because he's already ghosting her, he begged her, "Can we enjoy this party?"

"I can't enjoy this party. I'm really gonna leave," she said, before adding, "You're talking about you don't like the way I move, the pictures I post, you won't follow me. Let's talk about it." Angela then walked out of the party angrily, but Romeo really couldn't care less as he asked for the music at the party to be turned up to distract him from the "tornado that hit him."

Angela and Romeo's friendship began to break down after the death of her baby daddy Sutton Tennyson. According to Angela, Romeo promised he would be there for her, but he broke his promise and that made her upset. As for Romeo, he saw their fallout as something natural because "people grow apart all the time."

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