Suge Knight's Son Declares He Will 'End' Eminem's Career, Internet Mocks Him

'You can't even start your own career and you're talking about ending Ems,' one person writes after Jacob Knight takes to Instagram to send out several trolls aimed at Slim Shady.

AceShowbiz - Suge Knight's son, Jacob, has entered Nick Cannon and Eminem's beef, making it clear that he's on the TV host's side. He has been going hard on social media with a bunch of hateful messages towards the Detroit rapper, and it appears that this is just the beginning.

In one post, he got pretty straightforward and wrote underneath a photo of Em, "This guy f***ing sucks." He then took aim at the hat that Slim Shady has always been wearing as saying, "This hat f***ing sucks!" In the post, he attached a photo of the said hat and a quote that read, "M & M really be wearing these."

It's clear that Jacob hasn't had enough because later on, he went back to the photo-sharing platform with a video message to Em's fans. "Eminem fans be like: 'Mom I f***ing hate you, b***h. I hate my life.' That n***a f***ing sucks," he said in the video. Still throwing Em under the bus, Jacob reminded his followers of the impact his father had on the rap game.

"All my life I never heard nobody and I mean nobody ever say 'Play that Eminem song,' " he wrote in one post, before adding in another one, "Suge Knight is the reason why we have: Dre Beats, [Eminem]. If Suge didn't exist none of this s**t would hahaha."

Lastly, Jacob hinted that he's currently recording a diss track against the "Stan" hitmaker. "In the studio getting ready to f***ing end M&M's career," he wrote in one post.

Eminem has yet to respond to Jacob, though his fans have done it for him as many of them are convinced that Jacob will not be able to end Slim Shady's career. Instead, as one fan said, "Eminem bout to end this dude's career." Another wrote, "You can't even start your own career and you're talking about ending Ems."

"He's so anti Eminem cuz he heard his daddy on a track now he gotta run wit it," one other commented, referring to Suge Knight's feature on Nick's "The Invitation". "You can't even rap lmfaoooo you a whole clown ain't no one going to check on that," someone said. Meanwhile, an individual poked fun at his father's legal trouble, "What's the track gonna be called? Hit'n run?"

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