Summer Walker Gets Trolled Even More After Snapping at Fan Criticizing Her 'Old'-Looking Hands

The 'I'll Kill You' singer treat her Instagram followers to a photo of her showing off her new hologram nails, writing in the caption, 'I'm so extra,' only to get made fun of because of her hands.

AceShowbiz - Another day, another hate comment. Summer Walker is putting a fan in their place for a comment on her hands. The "Girls Need Love" singer, who has been opening up about her social anxiety issues, was seen clapping back at a troll who made an ugly remark underneath her Tuesday, December 10 post on Instagram.

Summer treated her followers to a photo of her showing off her new nails. "I'm so extra," so she captioned the picture. While most people were gushing over her new hologram nails, one particular person appeared to disagree.

"Your hands look older den u sis," the person wrote. Summer didn't waste time to clap back at the troll. Responding with a lengthy comment, the singer wrote, "this is what your hands look like when you've been working hard since 16, flipping burgers, scrubbing floors, & dancing." She went on adding, "not sitting around on random n****s couches all day gliding Vaseline on d***s for a bag :)."

Upon seeing her troll's comment, people gave mixed reactions. Defending the "I'll Kill You" hitmaker, a person wrote, "People have sum to say about everything ! let this girl live damn...." Another comment read, "Y'all legit find ANYTHING to pick on black women about there's nothing wrong with her hands."

Meanwhile, someone didn't seem to be buying Summer's words and her clapback only got her to get trolled ever more. "Wellllllll I been working since 15 and my hands are beautiful just sayin," the person said. One other corrected Summer, "No ma'am... them the hands you have when you smoke beson hedges."

Another troll compared Summer's hands to her grandmother's, writing, "This is how my grandmas wore they 57 rings and they nails like this." One person, meanwhile, thought that Summer "should've just stayed quiet."

Things are definitely hard for Summer recently. Earlier this month, she was booed by partygoers during a gig at a New Jersey club. The crowd were disappointed and jeered at her when she was just lounging in the back while half-heartedly holding a mic.

Defending herself, the "Playing Games" singer told her online devotees that she was booked to make an appearance, not to perform any song. She then accused the promoter of scamming the clubgoers. "Y'all gotta stop letting these promoters finesse y'all," the 23-year-old star wrote. "I do not 'I repeat, I do not' sing on coaches," she said.

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