Jennifer Lopez Falls Head Over Heels With Pete Davidson's Chad in 'Saturday Night Live' Skit

In a sketch titled 'The Roadie', the 'On the Floor' hitmaker breaks Alex Rodriguez's heart when she makes a move on the comedian's character following a stage soundcheck.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez briefly became comedian Pete Davidson's latest celebrity conquest when she appeared to fall for his roadie character Chad during a skit on "Saturday Night Live".

The singer and actress was hosting the U.S. sketch show for a third time, and during one segment she was working on some vocals alone following a band soundcheck before a gig when Davidson's character wandered onto the stage and started plugging in a noisy guitar.

J.Lo then opened up to the mono-syllabic character, who initially had no idea who she was and then confessed he didn't like her music, which a smitten Jennifer insisted was "refreshing."

She told him that she had been crushing on him for some time and occasionally dreamed of just having sex with him, even though she was engaged to former baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez. She turned round to find Davidson had stripped off.

Lopez then asked the roadie for a slow dance and as the odd couple started getting close, Rodriguez walked onto the stage with a bouquet of roses. Appalled by what he saw, as his fiancee tried to pass Chad off as a dance instructor, the sportsman hurled the flowers to the floor and stormed off. Jennifer gave chase after telling Chad she would have to let him go from her tour as he was too much of a distraction.

The skit ended with clueless Chad saying, "Bye Jello."

In real life, Davidson has become known for his celebrity girlfriends - he broke off his engagement to Ariana Grande last year (18) and has since dated actresses Margaret Qualley and Kate Beckinsale. He is currently romancing Cindy Crawford's model daughter Kaia Gerber.

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