Kandi Burruss Scolds Husband Todd Tucker for Going Clubbing Less Than a Week After Baby's Birth
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In a video shared on her YouTube channel, the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star complains that her husband doesn't 'chip in whatsoever' when it's time to do the late night hours.

AceShowbiz - Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker are apparently already having troubles adjusting their new life less than a month after welcoming their second child together. In a video she recently shared on her YouTube channel, the songstress and reality TV star scolded her hubby for not helping her enough at night.

It all started after Todd admitted to having a hard time connecting with their newborn daughter, Blaze Tucker. "She's so small. She has a coochie so it was kind of weird," he explained, before comparing the time he helped nurse their son Ace. "Ace it was easier. I can just wipe him down and just go. It was just too much when I took off the pamper. She's too fragile. Her head is soft."

However, Kandi didn't buy his excuse in the slightest bit. "He pissed me off, like seriously," the Xscape singer said. "I told him, 'Sir, we need to go to counseling. Because I don't like you right now.' We got a new baby. When it's time to do the late night hours, he don't chip in whatsoever." When Todd attempted to defend himself by saying that he was sleeping, Kandi hit back, "That's what that means. You're not chipping in. I have to get every single hour on the hour."

This apparently made her remember what happened when Ace was still less-than-a-week old. "But once again with Ace, this where he really pissed me off, he decided he wanted to go out and go to the club, two nights in a row," Kandi said, before adding, "The first night you went out, I already told you that I was kind of hurt by that. That you was ready to just jump out and kick it in the street and you know I was going to be stuck in the house doing baby duty, every hour on the hour. I thought that you was going to take the notice of how I felt and take that into consideration."

But Todd continued to defend himself as saying, "I called and let her know. I been the house for like..." Kandi quickly interrupted after that, explaining, "No days. You had just went out the night before. So I'm like, 'Okay, I'm not gon trip. He's only going out for a little bit.' But you shut the club down til almost time for the sun to come up."

Their argument eventually ended with both Kandi and Todd deciding to sit down and come up with a plan so that the workload is a bit more even.

Kandi and Todd welcomed their second child, a daughter named Blaze, on Friday, November 22 via surrogate. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star shared the happy news through an Instagram post that showed a glimpse at the bundle of joy.

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