Edward Norton Credits Connie Britton for His Big Movie Break

Stressing the importance of actors having each others' backs, the 'Motherless Brooklyn' actor spills how he and the former 'Nashville' star were responsible for one another's career-changing roles.

AceShowbiz - Edward Norton and Connie Britton have each other to thank for their big movie breaks, because they both tipped each other off about major, career-changing roles.

Norton encouraged Connie to go after a role in a small-budget film, which became indie classic "The Brothers McMullen", and he has her to thank for his role opposite Richard Gere in "Internal Affairs".

"It was one of those rare things kicking around in New York and the fact that I got the audition meant everything," Norton says. "The person responsible is Connie Britton."

"We had mutual friends from college and we lived near each other in New York. I used to always run into Connie on the way to auditions. I ran into Connie, who was going to audition for 'some kid, who was making a movie in his parents' house over 10 weekends in Long Island' and I encouraged her to just go, and I see her weeks later and she said, 'You made me go and I got that part'."

"It turned out to be 'The Brothers McMullen'."

"Then she went in to read for the part in 'Primal Fear' that Maura Tierney played. Connie called me from the Paramount lot and said, 'There's this Richard Gere movie, they're auditioning people, and you've got to get into this'. She kind of tipped me off to it. Actors having each others' backs is really important."

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