Raven-Symone Ridiculed Over Her New Hair: It Looks Like Vegan Noodles

There is also an individual who compares her locks to a 'janitor's mop' after the former Disney star debuts her new look through a mirror selfie posted on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Raven-Symone recently had a hair makeover, so it's only natural that she wanted to show it off to her social media followers. But instead of receiving praises, what the former Disney star got was trolling because people thought that her new hair looked ridiculous.

Sharing a photo of her new look on Instagram on Tuesday, November 19, Raven could be seen taking a mirror selfie and flaunted both her bold makeup and braids. She put her hair, which was dyed in multiple colors, into a double bun and thanked both her hairstylist and makeup artist for making the look happen.

While Raven was clearly satisfied with her new look, many people on the Internet were not and started ridiculing her. There were a lot of individuals who compared it to noodles, while there was also one person who thought her hair looked like a "janitor's mop." One wrote, "What in the tri-color spaghetti is happening here?" Another echoed, "What in the tricolor noodles is going on let us pray for her."

"Sauteed zucchini noodles with red and green bell peppers," one other quipped, with an individual chiming in, "This looks like the damn Catelli Smart greens pasta like I can't." Some others posted similar comments like, "She looks like a bowl of noodles," "She out here lookin like pasta salad," and so on.

The trolling aside, Raven recently made headlines when she was unveiled to be the Black Widow in season two of "The Masked Singer". Following her unveiling, the "That's So Raven" alum talked about what motivated her to participate on the show and explained, "I've been in the music industry and the industry for a really long time and I said, 'Oh my goodness, it would be awesome if I don't have to see anybody, they can't see me, I can be the person I am in the mirror."

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