Watch: 'LHH' Star A1 Bentley Slaps Misster Ray in the Face for Spreading Rumors About His Son

When A1 and wife Lyrica Anderson attend Zell's fashion show and listening party, the latter tells the couple that Ray once said that A1 is possibly not Ocean's father.

AceShowbiz - People could talk whatever they want about A1 Bentley, but he won't let them get away when his son's Ocean is brought up to the conversation. The prove of that could be seen in the Monday, November 18 episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood", in which the reality TV star slapped his co-star Misster Ray for spreading rumors about the little boy.

During the episode, both A1 and Ray attended Zell's fashion show and listening party. There, the latter told A1 and his wife Lyrica Anderson that Ray once spread rumors saying that A1 is possibly not Ocean's father. This, obviously, didn't sit well with the couple, who later confronted Ray about the matter. But Ray defended himself.

He told the couple, "I wasn't saying it in a way like -- I read what I read online. I was repeating what I just read online." A1 then hit back, "So why would you repeat that?" before Lyrica chimed in, "Why would you even disrespect me like that?" When Ray tried to explain himself again, A1 couldn't hold back his anger any longer and smacked him in the face.

Ray was noticeably shocked and confused over what happened, as things turned chaotic with security guards being involved to prevent the situation from getting worse than it already was. "You need to talk to the b***h that is talking about your son. It's not me. I'm not your issue," Ray could be heard yelling to A1 while being escorted off the party.

Fortunately, the two could resolve their issues, though A1 had to have a drink thrown to his face first. He then apologized for what he did to Ray, saying that he was just hurt because they had established a friendship and he's sensitive about his son. "I mean, it happened. Friends -- friends fight or get slapped," Ray said, accepting his apology.

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