NBA YoungBoy's Mom Rips Into Him for Kicking Her Out of House and Calling Cops on Her

While some Instagram users blast the Baton Rouge rapper for disrespecting his own mom, some others defend the rapper because Sherhonda Gaulden used to do bad things to him.

AceShowbiz - The drama between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and his mom has yet to be over. Recently, Sherhonda Gaulden blasted the 20-year-old in an Instagram Live video, accusing him of kicking her out of house which he bought for her.

"Kentrell got me a f***ng house. He get you a house and then you don't do what he f***ng say, he get it took," she ranted in the video, referring to the "Bandit" spitter whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. "I don’t give a f**k, you can have your house b***h. I'll go under the interstate."

"B***h I will go sleep in a muthaf***n park bench. You will not f***ng hold your money over my muthaf***n head. I don't give a f**k and I'm not f***ing finna play wit you," she continued saying furiously.

"My child is one of the best motherf***ing rappers," she went on saying. "Yes he raps very well, but you not gonna f***in' rule me, b***h. [...] I love all three of my children."

Responding to a fan who asked her why she let her son "talk to her crazy," Kentrell's mom said, "I don't let nobody talk crazy to me. People talk how they wanna muthaf***n talk." She also explained that the incident happened was because she didn't like him telling her what to do.

Sherhonda added that she did try to come back to the home to no avail. Instead of letting his mom in, The Baton Rouge rapper allegedly called the cops on her.

NBA YoungBoy has yet to comment on his mom's social media rant against him.

Fans unsurprisingly weighed in on the matter. "You can never trust someone who disrespects their own mom," one fan said on Instagram. However, some others defended the rapper. "Yo a** taking this to social media is the same reason he took the house," wrote one user.

"What's wrong with kicking yo mom out if she use to kick u out ? Now they see how that s**t feel," another person chimed in. Meanwhile, someone suggested that YoungBoy needed to stay away from her, saying, "She gone be his downfall he need to stay away from her she mean him no good."

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