Summer Walker Denounced by Fans After Posting Pictures of Her 'Witch's Garden'

Hot on the heels of Walker's tour cancellation, many fans believe that the 'Over It' singer is actually a witch after she shares on Instagram photos of the 'beautiful altar' she used to own.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker became trending topic on Twitter for the wrong reasons. Fans were convinced that the 23-year-old R&B singer was a witch after she posted on Instagram a series of pictures showing a "beautiful altar" that she said she used to own.

The images showed her collection of crystal stones, candles, a mortar and pestle, dried leaves and herbs in bottles and plastic packages, figurines of cats, owl, and crows. There was also a shrine with a sign that read "Witch's garden. Magic begins here" in one of the photos.

"I used to have such a beautiful alter," so she explained in her caption, "Almost time to create a new one lol omg I'll feel so much better once I get it back, feel like I lost a piece of me."

She turned off the comment section on her witch-themed post but it didn't keep her followers to share their thoughts online. They took to Twitter to comment on it. "Soooo Summer Walker is a proud Witch [cry emojis]," a disappointed fan wrote.

Many denounced her, "I actually have to let go of Summer Walker. Love love loved her music but nah, don't do witches." One person even believed that she became successful because of her spell, "I'm convinced summer walker used witch craft on her music that's why it's so addictive."

Some gave these kind of warnings: "Summer Walker is a Whole Witch. Please guard your ear gates and be mindful of what you're listening to," and "Btw Summer Walker is a witch. Not an insult. Just the truth. Be careful who you're listening to."

One of more favorable comments read, "Being a witch is not always a bad thing !!! Summer Walker being a witch doesn't automatically make her or her music evil ... not all witches use their powers for bad. Y'all need to speak on wtf y'all know."

However, there was one skeptical Twitter user who mocked the singer for not using her magic spell to get rid of her anxiety, "Summer walker is very talented. Good sis need to cast a witch spell to get rid of her anxiety tho."

Others just laughed it off, "Y'all telling us summer walker is a witch as though that's supposed to make us dislike her. this is twitter, we do not care lmaoooooooo."

Summer Walker recently announced that she scrapped the remaining dates of her tour, citing social anxiety. The tour cancellation came after fans complained about her "dry" and "boring" performances and "disappointing" meet and greet.

The star did say that she was not fond of interviews, photoshoots, and shows. She, however, was not the only young stars struggling to adjust life on the road. Billie Eilish said she was so overwhelmed by her tour that she almost quit music while Charlie Puth said he was sick all the time during his roadshow and almost died twice.

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