Nicki Minaj Goes on Rant as She Exposes Instagram for Removing 'Likes'
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The 'Anaconda' rapper announces her plan to leave IG if the platform permanently deletes the feature that lets everyone see the amount of likes in a post.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj disagreed with Instagram over their decision to remove "likes". The female rapper went on IG Live to let her fans know how upset she was. She suggested that maybe IG intention was not so good after all since it would reduce some power from the users.

"So basically no," the female hip hop star began her broadcast. "Instagram is going to take everyone's likes simply because … they don't want you to go off on the side, forming all sorts of businesses and being able to say, you know, 'I get this amount of likes' and charging brands."

"They want you to have to pay them," she continued. "See, if you pay them, then that's why we have all these sponsored Instagram posts and that's why we changed up not having Instagram posts in chronological order. Remember, they did that first. So they had to shuffle it real quick to let you know you ain't the boss."

"So you guys that build your businesses by saying, 'Hey, this is the amount of likes I get.' Now these companies will have to go," she went on. "Instead of going to you, they will have to go and pay Instagram so they can have in a post that says sponsored. They can have advertisement and they're paying for that now, instead of to you, to Instagram."

Nicki Minaj also announced on Twitter that she would ditch the photo-sharing social media and asked her followers what online platform they would recommend to her.

"I'm not posting on IG after this week cuz they removing the likes," the female rapper told her online admirers. She added, "Hmmmm what should I get into now?" She ended with a quip, "Think of all the time I'll have with my new life."

The femcee's comment section was filled with suggestions for her to try out Tik Tok or Snapchat. Some even wanted her to create "a barbs app" to repel haters while others wanted her to look no further because she still could interact with fans on Twitter.

Nicki additionally responded to a question by marketing strategist Karen Civil who asked the internet, "What sounds more impressive as a business: I paid for an ad and the post has a reach of 10k followers and was shared 500 times and lead to 320 clicks on the link in the influencer bio Or: I paid for an ad and it got 9,000 likes."

"They will replace that too. You'll see," the lyricist replied before ranting, "This isn't about how smaller companies will cope. It's about WHY the bigger company is doing it. This is why musicians make no money. The labels & streaming services knew what to say to pacify us. They continue to make the REAL MONEY."

"We are so easily pacified," she continued before referring to slavery hero Harriet Tubman. "Harriet would never. Y'all smoking d**k if y'all think labels ain't pissed about the level of power independent artists now have by way of IG. They all work TOGETHER. Unlike us... settling for crumbs. But memba when I spoke on other s**t b4 it happened?"

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently announced that they were test-hiding the "likes" feature for U.S. users next week. The announcement came just after Kim Kardashian, one of the most popular stars on the social media, expressed her support for the removal of the "like" tab. She believed it could be beneficial for people's mental health.

"As far as mental health … I think taking the likes away and taking that aspect away from (Instagram) would be really beneficial for people," she said at New York Times' DealBrook Conference at the Time Warner Center. "I know the Instagram team has been having a bunch of conversations with people to get everyone's take on that and they're taking it really seriously, and that makes me happy."

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