'SNL': Michael Che Blasted Anew, Called Misogynist Over Jokes About Older Woman Giving Birth

The funnyman is accused of being misogynist and ageist following the November 2 episode of 'Saturday Night Live' where he took a jab at a 67-year-old woman who gave birth.

AceShowbiz - Michael Che once again landed in hot water. After previously sparking outrage over his remarks about Caitlyn Jenner, the "Saturday Night Live" comedian faced backlash yet again following the November 2 episode where he cracked "tasteless" jokes during "Weekend Update".

While he was previously called transphobic over his comments about the "I Am Cait" star, he was accused of being misogynist and ageist this time around. He set tongues wagging after cracking jokes when reporting news of a 67-year-old woman who gave birth.

Without mentioning the controversy over his Caitlyn Jenner comments, he suggested his jokes that people deemed inappropriate had actually passed censorships at NBC. "The birth set a record for 'Most Friction.' See, you guys don't realize this but that joke took me like four hours to write. I had much better punchlines but the fellas at NBC standards said they were all too dirty," he said.

"Like, at first I was gonna say, 'I hope that kid likes his milk chalky!' But they said, 'You can't say that on TV,' " the comedian said. "It was my second favorite punchline! My first favorite being, 'She can breastfeed just by standing over the crib.' That's a pretty good one, right? But NBC said, 'Too gross.' "

He didn't agree with the network, however, because a joke that's "too gross" would be "if I said, 'Doctors described the birth as pulling a penny out of a wad of gum.' " He deadpanned, "Now that is too gross. Even I wouldn't tell that joke on TV."

"Michael Che'd tasteless jokes on an older woman giving birth were tasteless, sexist and ageist. Used to love Weekend update, but this was primitive, crude and offensive," one blasted the funnyman. Another commented, "Weekend update, did you mean: michael che misogyny hour."

More similar comments: "Michael Che is a misogynist d**k. Always a white woman joke or an attack on women's physicalities. So boring" and "Another week of gross jokes by Michael Che."

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